Raises €573K to Accelerate Growth: A Toast to Italian Wine Experiences, the largest Italian wine experiences marketplace, is making headlines yet again with its recent successful funding round. The company has secured a substantial investment of €573,000, a testament to its dedication to providing wine enthusiasts with unique and memorable experiences. What makes this funding round even more exciting is the diversity of its sources - € 250K from a US angel investor and € 323K from the highly competitive Italian government call for proposal, Smart & Start.

This development comes on the heels of's impressive financial performance, with the company set to close the year near the 1 million GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) mark while doubling its turnover for the second consecutive year. Let's delve into this exciting news and what it means for wine lovers and travelers alike. A Vintage Success Story has been on a remarkable journey since its inception, carving a niche in the world of wine tourism and experiences. Founded by passionate wine lovers, Denis Seghetti and Stefano Tulli, this Italian startup has disrupted the traditional wine tourism industry by connecting wine enthusiasts with authentic and unforgettable wine-related experiences in Italy.

The platform offers a diverse range of experiences, from vineyard tours and wine tastings to wine and food pairings, cooking classes, and much more. has effectively brought the wine culture of Italy closer to travelers and wine enthusiasts from all over the globe.

A Sip of Success: Funding Round Triumph

The recent funding round, which raised € 573.000, has positioned for even more significant growth in the near future. This capital injection will be used to enhance the platform's user experience, expand its offerings, and reach new markets. Investors clearly see the immense potential in, as the company continues to thrive and demonstrate strong financial performance.

The US Angel Investor: A Global Connection

A significant portion of the funding, € 250.000, comes from a US angel investor. This investor was introduced to during the Silicon Valley acceleration program in November 2022. The fact that an investor from the heart of the global tech hub believes in's vision and potential speaks volumes about the platform's appeal and scalability on an international level.

Smart & Start: Italy's Stamp of Approval

Another remarkable source of funding for is the Italian government's call for proposal, Smart & Start. Known for its selectivity and stringent evaluation criteria, Smart & Start has approved the entire investment plan put forward by This endorsement underscores the company's commitment to innovation and growth within Italy's startup ecosystem.

Approaching the Million-Euro Milestone's impressive achievement in reaching close to 1 million GMV by the end of the year is a testament to its dedication to providing wine enthusiasts with unique and memorable experiences. The Gross Merchandise Value represents the total sales value of all products and services on the platform. This milestone is a significant step forward for the company and reflects the trust and loyalty of its user base.

Doubling Turnover for the Second Consecutive Year's ability to double its turnover for the second year in a row is a remarkable achievement in a competitive and ever-evolving industry. This consistent growth demonstrates the platform's resilience and innovative approach to connecting wine lovers with unparalleled experiences. It also speaks volumes about the company's commitment to supporting local wineries and businesses in Italy.

A Legacy of Enriching Experiences

With over 1,000 wineries online and more than 2,500 unique experiences, has facilitated around 10,000 bookings and gift purchases. Moreover, the platform has brought over 25,000 individuals to small, unique, and authentic wineries all over Italy and expanded its reach into new countries in Europe. With a remarkable 1,600 beautiful reviews written by satisfied customers and an impressive positive rating of 98.5%, it's clear that is not just a marketplace but a conduit for creating unforgettable memories.

Co-founders Shares Their Vision

Denis Seghetti, one of the co-founders of, enthusiastically shared his vision for the company's future: "Now, it's time to scale. We've reached the breakeven point, and our financial foundation is solid. Our strong SEO presence fortifies our entire business model, giving us the confidence to strategically invest our available capital. Our planned investments include AI content generation tailored specifically to Wine Experiences, Business Intelligence tools designed to empower our suppliers by offering data-driven insights, and expanding our sales team to introduce Winedering in four new European countries."

Stefano Tulli, the other co-founder, emphasized, "We are only beginning to tap into the vast digital potential of wine tourism. There are numerous new components and channels within our reach to showcase our extraordinary wine experiences catalog."

The Future of

As continues to flourish, the future looks bright for this Italian wine experiences marketplace. The recent funding will enable the platform to expand its reach beyond Italy, offering wine enthusiasts from around the world the opportunity to explore the rich and diverse wine culture of this beautiful country.'s success story is a testament to the enduring appeal of Italian wine and the growing trend of experiential tourism. With its innovative approach and commitment to delivering authentic experiences, it is poised to become the ultimate destination for wine lovers and travelers seeking a taste of Italy's finest wines.

Conclusion's recent funding round and impressive financial performance highlight its commitment to bringing the world of Italian wine experiences closer to enthusiasts and travelers worldwide. With a significant boost from a US angel investor and the approval of Italy's prestigious Smart & Start initiative, the platform is primed for continued growth and success. Wine lovers can look forward to even more exciting and authentic experiences in the world of Italian wine as continues to flourish and expand its horizons. Cheers to the future of Italian wine tourism!g here...

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