Winedering closes a round of € 125,000
Winedering Srl closes its first round seed and is preparing to grow

Winedering, the innovative StartUp founded and based in Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region, owner of the marketplace of wine tourism experiences, brilliantly overcomes the impasse related to the pandemic, closing a first round of investment of € 125,000, after winning in November 2020 a call for incubation in ComoNext worth € 20,000.

"During the pandemic we were on the brink of the precipice," say the founders, Stefano Tulli and Denis Seghetti, "then, paradoxically, we also had, at the end of 2020, the opportunity to make an exit that, however, did not materialize. Thanks to the precious help of our incubator, ComoNext, we subsequently met private investors interested in our project and in a few weeks we closed this very first round of investments."

Now the plans and conditions are definitely different from the past.

"We now have more than 1000 wine tourism experiences online and over 600 partner wineries. The marketplace has already been online for some time, the cash injection has already allowed us to launch more than 120 online marketing campaigns, deploying them in key points of the Italian territory. We are building, for 2022, numerous Winedering branded tours, while many others are already being distributed through our partner Smartbox, for which we have created ad hoc packages that are already on sale in Italy and Europe in the biggest shopping centres".

Despite the fact that the heart of wine tourism demand, represented by foreign tourists, is still missing due to the continuing pandemic, hundreds of bookings have already been collected over the last few weeks, a traction of fundamental importance to allow Winedering to look to the future in a very clear way: "Winedering is an international portal, born in English, but the pandemic has distorted the characteristics of the demand forcing us to turn only to the domestic market, which, however, is very large and interesting" say the founders, and then add "we will use the second half of 2021 to improve the platform and continue with the onboarding of wineries and experiences, and then be very aggressive in terms of marketing in the months of September and October, crucial for the wine tourism sector.
The goal is to collect as many traction as possible in 2021, analyze the results and metrics collected and project them to the next 3 years, then proceed to a new round of investment to finance, from 2022 to 2024, further onboarding activities in the national and international arena, moving in parallel to collect the Italian and English-speaking wine tourism demand online.
There will also be substantial innovations in the technological sphere from next year, from which our partner wineries and B2B partners will be able to benefit, but we prefer not to reveal too much..."

Winedering will also continue to play consulting and training roles in various territorial projects, such as the Enoturlab Project in collaboration with TSM for the wine tourism development of Piana Rotaliana and Vallagarina and the recently concluded Monferrato Wine Destination project.

Winedering is an idea born in 2016 by Stefano Tulli and Denis Seghetti, the first owner of a tour operator and expert in international tourism, the second Digital Consultant, expert in software development and digital marketing. The aim of Winedering is to bring together wineries and tourists from all over the world within an online marketplace of wine tourism experiences,, where you can easily search and book winery visits, tastings, tours and holiday packages.

Winedering Srl is officially enrolled in the register of innovative startups, and it is one of the few online realities to own not only an online marketplace of wine experiences, but also a Tour Operator with a regular license, which allows it to operate with its own and third party experiences, in the B2C, B2B and B2B2C segments, throughout the national and international territory.