Exploring top travel trends of 2023 and the future of wine travel!

As the world continues to adapt and adjust to the ever-changing landscape of travel - especially after the pandemic and with constant international political, economical and climate changes, it's important to stay up-to-date on the some of latest trends and developments in the travel industry. In December 2021, we at Winedering wrote an article exploring the top travel trends for 2022 and the ways in which the world of wine travel was adapting to these changes.

Now, one year later, we're ready to put our attention to what's in store for 2023. According to major travel medias, there are several key trends and topics that are expected to shape the industry in the coming year and we're excited to live them. In this context, what about the world of wine travel? How will it fit into the picture for 2023?

Digital Nomads

Among the main travel tech trends of 2023 listed by Mashable, Digital nomadism is absolutely one of the most interesting topics.Working remotely without reducing your productivity and live a new culture at the same time. This trend has been growing since the pandemic and does not seem to stop!

Solo Travelers

The list of the top 10 big travel trends presented on Elite Heavens is intriguing and full of insights. One of the trends we think will be more and more impactful is related to Solo Travelers who'll dramatically grow in the next few months.

Booking ahead again

Forbes always presents a great glimpse and overview of what and how the future of travel will be in future and  is not an exception. One of the most interesting topics is the "planning ahead trend" that has come back after many years of last seconds reservations. This does not mean that last minute travels are over. It means that a better preparation from the supplier point of view is mandatory to be ready for the requests. 

How do these trends affect wine travel?

The rise of digital nomadism has opened up a world of possibilities for travelers looking to work and explore new destinations at the same time. And.. is there a better place to do so than in the midst of a stunning vineyard, surrounded by nature and tranquility? Think of making a call with your team while you're staying in Tuscany, South Africa or Australia in a beautiful wine estate...

The "Solo Traveler" trend implies one important feature in the world of wine travel. The "minimum 4 participants" requirement is on its way out.  Solo travelers want to enjoy the full wine travel experience without having to worry about finding a group to join. We need to understand this niche is huge.

Last but not least,  more and more travelers are going back to plan ahead and book their experiences in advance. This is both an opportunity and a challenge in our industry. Indeed, this trend means that rates, programs, and details have to be prepared, ready and available now (low season) and not on the edge of the high season.

At Winedering, we've registered firsthand an interesting increase in early bird reservations from international customers for 2023! 


As we look ahead to 2023, there are countless trends and topics that will shape the way we travel and experience the world of wine. We could spend hours talking about these forecasts in the world of travel for the next few months. 

At Winedering, we're committed to helping wineries and food and wine suppliers and vendors reach the right customers and offer authentic experiences!

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